Meals for Seniors in San Diego

 Our registered dietician at Gary and Mary West PACE knows the important role a healthy, nutritious diet plays in a participant’s overall health and well-being. The dietician meets with each participant and makes recommendations for healthy choices and meals based on individual needs and preferences.

During the initial visit and as part of the care planning process, the GMWP registered dietician will:

  • Speak with the participant and their family about food access in the home
  • Record current weight
  • Make a note of any current medications
  • Complete a self-reported assessment of one’s ability to chew, the condition of the teeth, and the ability to swallow
  • Provide education related to diet, nutrition and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

When participants visit the center, they will also receive a nutritious hot meal during the day. Based on input from the IDT as well as individual needs, meals may also be delivered to one’s home throughout the week.


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