Elderly In-Home Medication Management

Medication management can be a challenge for seniors. The CDC reports that up to 50% of prescribed medications are taken incorrectly, particularly in regards to timing, dosage, frequency and duration. Mistakes in medication can be fatal for the elderly in particular, whose health may rely on taking the correct medications at the correct time.

For seniors who are members of Gary and Mary West PACE, prescription and over-the-counter medications are prescribed by the PACE primary care provider and provided by the PACE health plan.

PACE offers some of the finest medication management San Diego can access.

  • Prescriptions will be delivered to the individual’s home in easy to follow packaging at no additional cost.
  • The GMWP primary care team and physician will monitor all medicines, working with the pharmacist to make any changes throughout the program.
  • In addition to medications being covered at no additional cost to participants, durable medical equipment (walker, wheelchair, bedside commode etc.) and supplies will be coordinated and delivered as needed to remain safe and independent.

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