Senior Fitness and Physical Therapy Center

 At the Gary and Mary West PACE senior fitness gym in San Marcos, our dedicated therapy team works with participants to help retain and refine strength and skills needed to remain in their own homes and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our San Marcos Physical Therapy Services include:

Physical Therapy

The GMWP Physical Therapist works with participants to incorporate therapeutic exercise, fitness, strength training, massage and other modalities in treating the overall well-being of each participant. Physical therapy can help participants achieve goals like learning to walk independently and other significant improvements in mobility.

Occupational Therapy

The GMWP Occupational Therapist evaluates the home environment for the safety of each participant. They will also assess any need to incorporate the use of assistive devices for participants requiring help with general daily living activities and improved independence in the home.

Speech Therapy

Gary and Mary West PACE participants also have access to speech therapists who can assist with speech recovery and improvement following a sudden illness or stroke. This can also include swallowing therapy to keep participants thriving.

In addition to the participant’s prescribed therapy programs, group exercise programs are also available at GMWP for all participants. Current available group programs include yoga, stretching classes, and chair Tai Chi.

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